School District 73 has produced resources about Secwepemc pre-contact history.

Link to website:

Explanation of the site and resources available (from the website):

The site is divided into five modules: introduction, language, origin story, village life, and archaeology.

The introduction provides information on where the nation is located, who the people are, and a tour of the various communities (bands) of the Secwepemc nation. The language module includes history, audio pronunciation of words, and writing & alphabet tutorials. The origin story module includes information about the Secwepemc creation belief system, the legendary coyote (with audio recording of a Secwepemc person), and a game you can play (The Great Traveller Game). The village life module includes an interactive traditional winter and summer scene. You can click on various parts of the seasonal maps to learn about cultural practices and activities. The archaeology module is comprehensive and provides a plethora of information about the Secwepemc nation.